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eMail-Lead Grabber is an email lead processing software.It is a email parser which assigns leads
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4 September 2009

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eMail-Lead Grabber Excel is an automatic email processing tool to extract data from your email messages and transfer them to Excel Spreadsheet or CSV format. This tool is useful from small business firm to large business organization.

Features: When you receive email from your prospect or your prospects visit your site and submit the inquiry form, order form, suggestion etc. You would like to read and transfer all the data into Excel.

You need to perform various settings to get the program up and running. Application allows you to set various email accounts such as IMAP, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and POP3. You need to enter all required details to get account settings complete to extract emails. The application has setup wizard, it will take you to complete setup process. The wizard has three steps such as setup email account, create template to process web-form email and create filter to transfer web-form email to appropriate template. The application has built in email editor to send emails. You can enter message in body text and also add an attachment to send along with email. You can process email leads in HTML and XML formats. The interface of application is similar to MS outlook. You can see the folders like Inbox, Outbox, trash etc. It also has form processing menu with data export folder and excel folder in which your data like from, subject, received, account, size, to fields are stored.

Overall: This is a nice tool to process prospects submitted through Web forms on website or mail received to the email account.

Publisher's description

eMail-Lead Grabber Excel reads the email you receive from your online forms and creates contacts in Excel. It is a form processing software which processes email leads from Microsoft Outlook/POP3 and extracts relevant information (name, address, email, phone, etc.) and enters it directly into columns in an Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. eMail-Lead Grabber sends personalized auto-response email to all the leads received and efficiently distributes the leads among your sales team. It can also process data from email. It eliminates the pain of having to manually type or copy-paste information from email to excel.
It is an email processor which can also process emails that you receive from third party website registration forms (purchased leads).
eMail-Lead Grabber enables you to:
-Automatically process your email leads 80% faster to your database.
-Send personalized email auto responder to your customers and prospects.
-Distribute leads among your sales team.
-Extract customer`s information via web form submissions.
-Process email leads in HTML and XML formats.
-Automatically transfer email lead information into Excel
eMail-Lead Grabber is a very useful tool for:
Sales and Marketing Professionals use eMail-Lead Grabber as a lead distribution software to distribute email leads among their sales team and schedule follow-up.
Companies using Web forms in their website, who wish to enter customer responses from web lead forms into their database and send personalized email auto responder.
Mortgage Brokers, Realtors, Insurance Managers, Auto/Car Dealers and other sales professionals use eMail-Lead Grabber to process email leads and extract customer information which are submitted through web forms & email leads into their database and send personalized email auto response.
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